You are not a slave.

Stop it. Just stop it. You are not a slave. You are not being trussed up in a ship and shipped across an ocean. You are not being thrown overboard that ship if you feel sick. You are not facing endless days filled with exhaustion or dumb terror. You are not being force-fed your own faeces for the amusement of your master. You are not being castrated or chopped open for medical experimentation. You are an educated middle-class person in a Western nation who could do something else for living.
We talk of new slaves. But there are no new slaves and there are no old slaves. There are just slaves, then as now.  Slavery never left us. It is still here. It is in Asia and it is in the Middle East and it is in America and it is right here in Britain. And unless you are being heavily drugged so dozens of punters can fuck you without complaint, unless you have been reduced to nothing more than a number or the butt of someone’s most brutal contempt, unless someone has taken you and tried to crush you and mould you into a vehicle for their own profit, then please find another metaphor or simile to describe your state of exploitation or discomfort. Anything else is disrespectful.
UPDATE: a link to the news that three women have just been rescued from “decades of slavery” right here in London, including a report by the Centre for Social Justice on slavery in the UK today.  I wonder whether, as suggested in these links, a to use the word “slavery in the the title of a new piece of legislation – i.e. “The Slavery and Human Trafficking Act” – might be a usefully symbolic step, in showing that this issue is still very much with us.

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