On Shy Tories and the diversity of Conservatives.

It has been really striking, in the last few days, to see how many people don’t know any Conservative voters (or, at least, don’t think that they do). I disagree with very many of the Conservatives’ policies but the fact that I have friends who vote for them means that I am able to separate the politics from the person and I am very thankful for that. It means that there is mutual respect underlying every discussion or disagreement that we have about politics. I can’t see myself ever voting for them for a range of reasons, primarily because – even though the party has several very good MPs (Dominic Grieve on civil liberties, Jane Ellison on FGM) – I don’t think that they will ever be influential enough against people with, say, the mindsets of Chris Grayling and Owen Paterson (who, in my view, both did very damaging jobs). As for the next five years, I am just drawing up a list of areas where I would like to see more fairness and progress that we have seen so far, and then working out how best to bring about that fairness and progress, regardless of who is in office. There are plenty of smart, compassionate people working in politics, and in the next five years we are going to need every single one of them.

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