On drones: “Monotony”

This is our monotony:
They bring the most hateful of rainfalls,
And don’t make apologies:
They send storms from the jaws of a drone
To slay those who’d take the USA off its throne –
So each day, we’re preparing for rain;
For these drops not of water
But rage;
Wait –
All you’ll hear is the hum as they’re closing
A teenaged male isn’t safe in the open –
So we’ve taught them to run,
Our daughters and sons –
Taught them something most terrible:
That here in Yemen, it is never wise
To gaze up and daydream into our own skies:
This is –
The only way, we are told;
That’s not so bad as it goes:
Shattered bone,
Shattered hope,
Shattered homes,
We all raise our eyes at the drones –
And so:
In many decades, our youth will explain
Why, when about town, they still walk with necks craned


  1. Rachel Blake says:

    how can drones be the answer when children are brought up in fear? particularly poignant are the lines about not being able to look up and daydream

  2. I am Faisal from the village of Khashamir located in Wadi Hadramout, I would like to carry to you the thanks and the best of all people living in wadi Hadramout and specially in Khashamir for your good peom in expressing our suffurs from drones. Our friend Okwonga,we can with some support work against Qaedah using different approches to protect our selfe as militants actualy kiling us and we can not bleife that they can fight US. However, US killing us too, so how we can protect out self against such type of drones?

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