For Leo Messi, a tribute: “Just Another”

Tonight, Leo Messi broke the record for the number of goals scored in a calendar year, reaching the total of 86 in a 2-1 win for Barcelona over Real Betis.  In doing so, he passed the scarcely-believable mark of 85, set decades ago by Germany’s Gerd Muller.  I’ve written a tribute to his goalscoring feats, “Just Another”, which you can read below.

“Just Another”    

I guess that, for Messi,
Each goal is just another –
They come to him
As sun does to summer;
Just another low drive with the right or left
Or the odd lob, or deft touch with head or chest;
Just another night making his rival number
Drift past like a ship with a busted rudder;
Just another soul left in his slipstream
By his light-speed shift up from nought to sixty;
Just another free-kick from thirty yards
That will swerve like the letters of his autograph,
Or another free-kick sneaked beneath a wall
Or a handball that gives our praise the briefest pause…
Just another hat-trick scored
Just another home crowd’s ecstatic roar
Just another dribble that will dazzle all –
Watch this juggernaut
Clutch another Ballon d’Or.

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