A new poem, “Jigsaw”

I’ve been thinking a fair bit recently about society, and how it takes some of us longer to find our way in life than others.  I can definitely say that it’s taken me a while to find mine, and am probably still in the process of doing that, to be honest.  So I did what I normally do at times like this, and wrote a poem about it, which is called “Jigsaw”, and which I have posted below.


This world’s a jigsaw and we are its fragments –
Some of us will never find our place in its pattern –
Some find this mosaic easy to fathom –
Others take ages; we’re not straight, we’re jagged…
Some men are jigsaws; all scattered
With their pieces ignored, lost, or abandoned:
They pray for love to arrange them by magic –
They’re Aladdin pieces, seeking their Jasmine:
Some feel pressurised to fit norms –
It’s what they have kids, maybe get hitched for –
And so they form ill-fitting jigsaws,
They play happy families, with their grins forced:
My friends enjoy the whole package –
Kids, mortgage and the jigsaw marriage –
They’ve chosen home, but my soundtrack’s garage:
Guess I’m no piece who’s seeking attachment

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