A-levels: something very short.

I’m seeing lots of “A-levels don’t really matter” tweets. I can only speak from my experience but they were pretty much the turning-point in my life. Education is a way out for so many people, particularly those from ethnic minority backgrounds. I could very easily have fallen short of my uni offers, it was only a mammoth round of revision for my resits that saved me. At that point in my life, I’m frightened to think of what the loss of self-esteem would have cost me.

I guess if, in the unlikely event that anyone of A-level age reads this and they’ve got disappointing results, I would say: nothing wrong with having a good sob. All these inspirational stories of how people pulled themselves up by the bootstraps will mean sweet f**k-all at the moment. After you’ve had time to take a step back, just keep it moving however you can, no matter how futile your efforts might seem. It can be a brutal grind at times; so much respect to you as you move forward. Very best of luck. X

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