A football poem, “The Majestic”: for Dimitar Berbatov

You and I were beautifully doomed.

With some loves, you know it’s the end before you ever really begin,

And so it was with this.

You were too elegant to settle here long.

A condor will only be happy

If you promise him a cloudless sky,

And all that I could offer you

Was routine, and queues,

And vacuuming our flat on a Sunday afternoon,

Asking you to lift your magnificent wings onto the sofa

As I hoovered about the room.

We sat in the park one afternoon,

And you looked across at me and we both knew.

You didn’t want picnics –

You wanted the majestic,

Cliff faces and ocean spray.

So I waved you up and beyond,

And when you were gone

Red wine and I were grateful that you had stayed with us awhile.

Then, too soon to smile,

I quietly folded the four corners of our cloth away.



  1. goonergurl says:

    Dimitar Berbatov was probably the only player I really loved at Manchester United. The way he played, the grace, the goals… I, as an Arsenal fan can never forget that.
    Brilliantly written mate. This made me cry.

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