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On Chris Rock, the Oscars, and Powerful Statements.

Just saw a tweet from Salon: “Chris Rock had a chance to make a powerful statement at the Oscars, but blew it.” That address might not have been everyone’s cup of tea – I didn’t watch it – but there does seem something strange about the way that marginalised groups are expected to sing for their supper quite so often, and win the day with soaring rhetoric. It shouldn’t fall to Chris Rock to make the Powerful Statement. Everyone knows the arguments for greater diversity in Hollywood – they are robust whether you make them in moral or economic terms, and they have been the subject of opinion pieces and documentaries for years. So what about the white media executives? When is the last time one of them gave a Powerful Statement in the media saying that this is all a disgrace and has to change? What about the chance they have to make Powerful Statements with fair hiring policies every single week? It is time for them to start talking, and to stop hiding behind whether Chris Rock phrases his jokes perfectly or not. Because, when it truly comes down to it, they are still largely silent.